Friday, 5 May 2017

Kissing Your Pet - Is it Okay?

Kissing Your Pet - Is it Okay?

kiss animeKissing your pet is not wrong as long as you are doing it the right way. Most pets show their appreciation by licking the hands or the feet of the owner and if they are close to the face, they will lick the face. It is obviously not hygienic to kiss anime an animal that has licked their feet, or worse. You should not open your mouth when you are kissing the pet. This is because pets carry germs in their skins and this could cause a related condition. The best place to kiss a pet is on the forehead. However, stroking your pet is much better. The face of the pet as well as your face is very sensitive and pet kissing could give either you or the pet a contagious disease like the flu.

Pet kissing could also be done on the stomach of the pet while you are lifting the pet up. Most pets do not even realize the importance of kissing unless you do it constantly and they realize it is meant to appreciate them. It is advisable that you use other methods of appreciating them to avoid contracting a condition from kissing your pet. Stroking works better than kissing and it also lulls them to sleep. Apart from hygienic purposes, kissing a pet does not have any impact and since it does not demand it, it is better to offer the pet a snack as a way of appreciation instead of kissing. Some animals clean themselves with their paws and they use the same for walking. This adds to the germs that are on the body and therefore kissing is generally not advised.

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